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  • Muhammad Hassan

    Muhammad Hassan

  • Stephen Galvan

    Stephen Galvan

    A Software Engineer with a background in Education Technology and Dance. Recent grad form FlatIron Bootcamp, and passion for the arts and working with databases

  • Don McKinnon

    Don McKinnon

    Software Engineer and aspiring fantasy writer living in Brooklyn

  • Anna Romsa

    Anna Romsa

  • Maxwell Harvey Croy

    Maxwell Harvey Croy

    Music Fanatic, Software Engineer, and Cheeseburger Enthusiast. I enjoy writing about music I like, programming, and other things of interest.

  • Corey Lynch

    Corey Lynch

    Frontend Software Developer and Security Technician with experience in Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, and React. Flatiron Software Engineering Alumni.

  • Greem Jellyfish

    Greem Jellyfish

  • Scott Domes

    Scott Domes

    Writer & teacher, currently focused on software (JavaScript, Rails & more). Author of Progressive Web Apps with React.

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